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The elusive W.A.L.T.E.R Vid

Yeah the video’s real. Here’s 15 seconds of proof: Instagram/xiilab

It’s been a huge learning process, a lot of work but looking forward to dropping it soon. I’m curious about the reaction to it…had some really good feedback so we’ll see. I’ve become completely unconcerned with the pace at which I release stuff recently. It’s about making things you love, end of I think.


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The Plague Print – Available now

Lots been going on as always – Picked up a decent Wacom half a year ago and recently produced my first non commercial print for Twelve Labours. I’ve been pondering a piece of merchandise for the Days of Plague & Vice re-release / first proper release, and after gritting my teeth, went full force into a fairly complex piece. I was really happy with the result, and the process of drafting digitally totally changed my feelings about this particular technology. It’s a fluid development process. More to come.

Pick it up here http://www.12labours.co.uk/plague.html


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Tendrils and Timing

Yo I moved to Glasgow from London a week ago…Stoked, happy, needed the headspace to jump into what I’m doing – me and my lady got a flat in the Westside (bwoyeee!) and shit’s just got real.

I’ve been keeping up with some drawing.

Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 19.37.11

I’ve been finishing the Manic Depressive Suicide Note EP with my mate Dee…I’ll post up something soon for that.

The Thousand Ark just got the rough 60 ideas for tracks paired down to 18 – I’m now looking for a studio space in Glasgow to rent for a couple of months. I’m also investing in a wee MiniBrute to start fucking with the low end on the tracks.

Stay toooned poooooople.

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Thousand Ark – Rough track

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Sketchbook Letters

Been learning to Surf down in Cornwall recently. Life changing shit, honestly, I have a picture locked in my brain from my second week down there….Things had clicked and I felt like I knew what I was doing, almost, but I took a moment to remind myself to take stock of where I was, instead of being so caught up in the (joyful) obsession of learning how to ride a surfboard. I rested on the board like a kid on a window-sill, and turned to look across the surf…tumbling in, in 17 second intervals, rushing and hissing down the length of the beautiful bay of Gwithin – Wind swept the surf and the sky, the clouds tumbled in towering bunches making the sky seem unbelievably tall, and birds buzzed the tops of the waves as the sea turned grey and silver in the changing light. Amazing times. Anyway I drew a ‘surf’ outline which I might chuck on my arm one day to remind me to never forget this shit. It’s underpinning a lot of choices about life at the moment, being in the water…I’ve never been so satisfied and happy, I grinned for 6 days.


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Zero Surveillance – Prose Writing Poetry Project LIVE

I kinda forgot why I was doing the ZS drawing, but it was always intended for the title page of this site.


I’ll be adding to the project over the next few years. There’s a mix of older stuff and a few new pieces, and still a load of stuff to be edited on my HD. The writing is mainly a few short poems, and snippets of ideas and scenes for a non existent book that I’ve felt inspired to get down on paper. Zero Surveillance was the name for one of these non-existent books.

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 11.35.10

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Hold It Down – The Thousand Ark, Rough Track

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Dream Diary #1

We’re running through the length of a grand hall, narrow and a thousand metres long. Bounding quickly down the wood panelled tunnel, dark mahogany interior, crevices in the walls, shelves and cubby holes crammed with ornaments and sculpture, books and insignificant objects, pens and paper. My eye catches something which I notice a second later, so that I’ve already turned my head to stay angled on the object before I’ve consciously processed it….It’s a canvas, a bright blue moon lit from beneath so the lower half of the sphere is a gradient of green atmosphere – a particular shading, drawing the two colours together in the picture making it’s familiarity clear to me. It’s a painting by a friend of mine. The speed of thought is read more »

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Twelve Labours ‘Sting’ complete + Process

So I finished off the Flash animation and dropped it into the outro animation for the WALTER video. After adding a little sound design I’m really pleased with it….A little break down below.

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Logo Animation (GIF) – work in progress for WALTER outro

Originally I was going to use a static image of the xiilab logo over the WALTER outro, but it looked so shit sitting there, not moving, obstinate. I really tried to avoid animating the letters for this, I really did…but alas a 3 hour Photoshop session ensued today, cutting out the individual letter’s strokes, and then reacquainting myself with Flash to do the masking / unmasking of the letters. I have a bunch of Easing and timing to sort, so the flow is more natural and rhythmical – the best letters for me come when you can feel the natural punctuation of the strokes over the whole word – It’s a really satisfying feeling – it’ll be nice to get that in the animated version. I’ll work out the kinks in the morning and repost.